Billing & Insurance

Estimates for Services

You can receive an estimated cost for your procedure by calling the facility at (813) 991-7575. You must have your physician’s name, formal description of the planned procedure and current insurance information (as applicable) available so your estimate can be calculated for you.

Payment for Services

• Insured patients

Your estimated responsibility (i.e. deductible and/or co-pay amount) must be paid in full on or before the day of surgery. No payment arrangements are accepted. Care Credit* will be accepted as a form of payment when assistance is needed with deductibles or co-pays.  Once your surgery is completed and your insurance company pays their portion, there may still be amounts due to the surgery center that are your responsibility. These charges may be related to but are not limited to unplanned procedures that were performed to ensure your surgery was a success or changes
to your coverage by your insurance company. 

The bill you may receive will have contact information listed if you should need to discuss or have any questions. However, your insurance company is the best resource to discuss limitations of your policy/coverage.

Uninsured, Under-insured or Self-Pay Patients:

Payment must be made for 100% of the total amount due, regardless of the type of procedure or specialty. No payment plans are accepted. Care Credit* will be accepted as a form of payment when assistance is needed. Otherwise, you will be informed to reschedule your surgery/procedure
once you are financially able to do so.

Outside services and fees that can apply to your surgical procedure:

You may receive a bill(s) for charges that arise from your surgical procedure that are not payable to New Tampa Surgery Center. These charges may include but are not limited to services for anesthesia, laboratory, pathology, durable medical equipment and home health care. New Tampa Surgery Center can provide contact information for those companies but cannot intervene on your behalf.


*If you need to contact Care Credit, please visit their website: or call (800) 677-0718